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NOTE - Most of our prices for stock parts are not
up to date due to the recent across the board
pricing changes by DMC-Texas. We are
working to correct this as quickly as we can.

ALL old prices are therefore subject to change
without notice. Prices on ordered stock parts will
be verified against DMC-Texas and adjusted up
or down before the order is processed.

We thank you for your continued support
and we sincerely hope you understand!

Users can locate products in several ways:

  • Select the appropriate Categories / Subcategories from the left navigation bar
  • The numbered categories relate to Sections and Subsections in the DeLorean Parts Manual
  • Use the "Search" tool to locate products by part number or word descriptions
  • Or access all of our parts in part number order through the "Product List"

When you find an item that you want to purchase:

  • To add an item to your basket, Click on "Add One To Basket" and continue shopping
  • To view your current selections, you can Click on "Basket Contents" at any time
  • When you're through shopping, click on "Checkout" to complete your purchase
  • Or, to select an item and complete the purchase immediately, Click on "Buy One Now"

Guide to our part number system:

  • The letter "U" at the end of the part number indicates that the part is "used"
  • The letters "DP" at the end of the part number indicates that the part is "after market"
  • The letter "C" at the end of the part number is used to indicate a "core charge"

Core charges:

  • Core returns can be required on rebuilt items, or on new items that are in short supply or obsolete
  • Returned cores must be the same item and part number, complete, and in rebuildable condition
  • Core charges are indicated by an item with an identical part number followed by a "C"
  • Items requiring core returns will have this noted in the detailed item descriptions
  • At our option, we may collect the core charge up-front, or defer the charge pending core return

Can't find what you're looking for?  Please contact us and we'll do what we can to get it for you!